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mTune 215 Power Upgrade Package Fiesta ST180
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mTune 215 Power Upgrade Package Fiesta ST180

Our Price: £665.83  (£799.00 inc vat)

mTune 215 Power Upgrade Package

215PS / 320Nm power upgrade package for the Fiesta ST...

For the first time, upgrading to mountune's market-leading Fiesta ST 215PS / 320Nm upgrade is possible globally thanks to the new mTune handset.

mTune is mountune’s first handset device designed to easily transport high performance ecu calibrations to the end user, we call it 'mountune power, in your hands'.

The mTune comes preloaded with the correct ecu calibration engineered and developed to add maximum reliable performance to your Fiesta ST, when equipped with mountune performance parts.

In addition to the mTune, this performance kit also includes a dual-feed alloy lower air box, porous lower air feed, high-flow panel filter and of course, mountune performance badge.

mTune Features: • ECU performance calibration transfer • In-field calibration updates • 0-60 times • ¼ mile times • Monitor 6 OBD channels • Adjustable shift light • Full data logging • DTC reading / clearing • Soft touch rear • LCD screen • Lanyard pin • Removable faceplates • Ambient light sensor

Each mTune is supplied with: • Holster with t-slot mounting • OBD and USB connection cables • Carbon fibre effect faceplate • mTune zip-up case

Please Note: The warranty impact on the vehicle being updated using an mTune will vary depending on the region and supplying agent. Please check PRIOR to purchase to confirm the warranty status within your territory.

To maintain any warranty provision otherwise entitled to you and to ensure correct operation and reliability, calibrations loaded via an mTune handset must be installed together with the correct mountune® hardware.

For the latest supported territories, firmware updates, FAQ and technical support, please visit our mTune mini site at http://www.mountune.com/index.php/services/performance-upgrades/mtune

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