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Forge Motorsport Direct Fitment Recirculation Valve Focus RS Mk2
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Forge Motorsport Direct Fitment Recirculation Valve Focus RS Mk2

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Designed as a direct replacement for the OEM valve which is prone to failure when the engine has been tuned or had an upgrade to the engine management software.  This valve is complete and ready to install with no fitting kit required.

This valve is suitable for:

  • Ford Focus RS Mk2
  • Ford Focus ST Mk2
  • Volvo C30 T5 and S70 T5
  • Porsche 997 (Please order two valves)

These dump valves are built with the green spring fitted as standard, this is suitable for OEM cars and small boost increases over standard. If you want a higher pressure spring supplied instead please choose the relevant option in the drop down menu (otherwise pick green). You will not be charged any extra , if you want a selection of springs please follow the associated link below to purchase extra springs.

Valve Spring color coding

Green   -    6-8 PSI

Yellow  -    10-12 PSI

Blue     -    14-16 PSI

Red      -    18-20 PSI


Please Note:

The quoted spring pressure (Psi) relates to the un-assisted clamping force of the spring and should NOT be taken as an equivalent to boost pressure when determining suitability.
Once a valve is fitted to a car it is subjected to various pressures that act upon the diaphragm or piston to aid its respective ability to seal or hold boost.

A guide to correct spring choice:

The guide below is very 'rule of thumb' and should not be taken as literal. Each car and tuning package may react differently, find out the approximate peak boost your car produces and use this to select the most appropriate spring, you should also refer to the notes below if you are concerned the spring you are using may be too hard or too soft.

Green ?€"   up to 10psi (supplied with this spring installed).

Yellow ?€"  10psi to 16psi.

Blue    -   16psi to 22psi.

Red    -    22psi and up.


If you are unsure of the suitability of the spring you have installed you should look for the following symptoms:


·     With a spring that is too weak the boost pressure will noticeably drop off in the lower gears anywhere from 2500 rev?€?s upwards.


·     Alternatively, a spring that is too strong will induce compressor stall when changing gear which is probably best described as a flat spot as the next gear is engaged. Most customers will be used to a smooth transition of power between the gear changes in the standard engine and will noticeably sense a sluggish pick up between the gear changes.

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