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Mustang GT & EcoBoost Triple Amber Triple Red Tail Light Sequencers 2015 - 2017
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Mustang GT & EcoBoost Triple Amber Triple Red Tail Light Sequencers 2015 - 2017

Our Price: £462.50  (£555.00 inc vat)

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2015 2016 2017 AUS / EURO / UK Triple Amber Triple Red Sequential Tail Light LED Upgrade Kit


To complete the original intended design cue, EPM has engineered this 3A3R LED Upgrade Kit. This kit will allow your AUS EURO UK (all non-USDM) mustangs to have proper TRIPLE RED and TRIPLE AMBER led's inside of them to display the desired signal patterns. And like previous EPM products, we have added customisable logic that the user can set easily in the drivers seat.


  • Upgrade stock LEDs inside Tail Lights, with integrated Drivers and Controllers
  • Adding Triple Amber and Triple Red Capability
  • Exceptionally Engineered to work seamlessly with OE factory harness and factory boards
  • 7 popular modes to select from drivers seat
  • Factory mode restore for peace of mind
  • Robust design - operating range -20 to 80 degrees C
  • Certain modes are road legal in different countries

Available Modes:

  • Mode 1: Cursor Amber Indicator + Triple Red Brake
  • Mode 2: Sequential Amber Indicator + Ease-in (Retro) Red Brake (Default Mode)
  • Mode 3: Cursor Amber Indicator + Ease-in (Retro) Red Brake
  • Mode 4: Triple Amber Indicator + Triple Red Brake (Indicator Priority)
  • Mode 5: AllRED Mode (USDM) (Indicator Priority)
  • Mode 6: Sequential Amber Indicator + Triple Red Brake
  • Mode 7: Factory Mode

It intelligently reuses the outermost LED bars the factory tail lights and reprograms them to work with the 2 new EPM boards per tail light. Some of highest quality LED bulbs (OEM - Osram/Kree); a very efficient voltage setup driver board are used for best performance as well as Molex plugs for maximum compatibility. The brightness are matched to exact factory set legal intensities. Improved total brightness.

This kit will require the tail lights to be opened and modified. This is a workshop only install , additional labour charges will apply to convert your lights.

Please use the drop down menu to choose how you wish to have your lights arranged, The circuit boards are not sold separately, they are dealer only install but If you prefer not to visit our workshop or are overseas we can still assist.

Option 1. Purchase your 3A3R kit and we will reserve it here for you to make workshop booking , you pay for the install charges on the day 

Option 2. As above but you settle the full amount at time of order , we will still need to book you for install however

Option 3. You send your lights to us and we will modify your lights to accept the 3A3R kit 

Option 4. We send you a set of lamps pre built and you send us your lamps back on exchange , you will be refunded the surcharge of £200 + VAT per lamp on return of a functional good condition lamp set.

Note: As we offer these lights on an exchange basis and for overseas buyers all orders will be charged a shipping fee. For those of you using our workshop of install this cost will be refunded to you if you pay in full or deducted from the install costs when you visit the workshop.

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