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Mustang GT & EcoBoost (Plug & Play) Tail Light Sequencers 2015-
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Mustang GT & EcoBoost (Plug & Play) Tail Light Sequencers 2015-

Our Price: £153.13  (£183.76 inc vat)

2015 2016 2017 2018 AUS / EURO / UK Triple-Mode Ultimate Version


To transform your Non-USDM Mustang tail lights to what they were supposed to look like by design - the iconic tri-bar sequential indicators. These simple plug and play sequencers will do the trick. Courtesy of the diligent engineers at EPM. They will fit all international-spec 2015+ S550 Mustangs with those clear white tail lights. This kit comes with a PAIR of sequencers, that takes less than 5 mins to install or uninstall.

The V1 and V2 sequencers were very popular and successful products. We have in turn received quite a lot of feedback on different needs and road regulations. So here is the V3, the ultimate sequencer that allows the driver to switch between the modes of the tail light at will.

We are very proud to present this product as it is developed, engineered and built ground up by EPM engineers.

Main Features:

  • Convert single bar amber indicator to sequential. Adding animation to the dull blinker.
  • Plug & Play, Installation takes less then 5 mins without tools
  • Ability to switch between 3 modes (including factory stock mode) in the driver's seat
  • Combining V1 and V2 logics into one more refined product




 Signal Logic:

  • Indicating - Sequential flashing 2xRED then plus 1xAmber, completing the gradient red to amber color.
  • Hazard light - Continuous double sequential blink on both sides
  • Locking and Unlocking the vehicle - Double sequential blink on both sides once and twice respectively
  • Break while indicating - Brake and Indicator will have priority over one another depending on the Mode selected

3 Modes to Select as desired:

  • Mode A(mber): Sequential Indicator have priority over brake
  • Mode B(rake): Brake has priority over sequential indicator
  • Mode S(tock): Factory stock indicating and brake logic
  • Default Mode is B
  • Only need to be changed once for the life time or as desired.
  • Patent Pending

To switch modes:

  1. Switch ACC On
  2. Light switch to OFF "0" position
  3. Brake and keep brake pressed
  4. Turn light switch in quick succession to ON , OFF, ON, OFF, ON, OFF, ON positions
  5. Flip Hazard light to ON for more than 1 second
  6. Flip Hazard light to OFF
  7. Release Brake
  8. Check the mode switch is successful
Note: This plug & play kit does not switch your lamps to full amber or full red , this only sequence the factory fit colours. To switch colours requires the lamps to be disassembled at significant additional cost.

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