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So, Why buy your car from us?

Its a very good question! It is likely we may not currently hold your choice of vehicle in stock with only a small stockholding of vehicles currently available & we dont have a fancy glass & floodlit showroom just yet!

Basic requirements? Maybe!, if you are aiming to be a reasonable force in the car sales market! In some respects we would agree with you, but hear us out , we think we can offer you an alternative car buying experience, that will ultimately save you money and improve the service! Our aim is to not lose our roots as a parts specialist, but alongside this offer an almost bespoke service on a low volume basis , meaning we can focus on your individual purchase.

You see we are a fairly compact family owned business with just one aim each day, to get as much enjoyment from our passion for cars as we can, so all our staff will be as keen to discuss your car with you as you are, we think thats important , if you have a passion for your task you will do it well, and ask yourself, how important are the above issues really? We feel that our focus should be on the car, all the models we  carry in stock will be fine examples of the model in question and will act as perfect examples of what we can offer to special order. The showroom , sure its nice to have somewhere to stroll round the cars , pick up a coffee , relax and think about your choice. In all honesty we aspire to providing our clients with this atmosphere (we do have a kettle so coffee is not a problem!!) and we are currently looking to re locate our existing operation to accomodate this facility! Stock is a differnet issue , clearly it would be better to have a driveaway purchase, the impulse buyer is always a nice friend to the car salesman , but again , all those cars gathering dust in the showroom are tying up company funds , maybe incurring interest dependant on the means of financing the stock and once again the end of line buyer needs to pay for this.

We are not attempting to suggest that all of the above are not important facets in the car buying cycle , we would be extremely niaive to assume people would fall for that but our belief is that the total focus should be on the car , the customer requirement and the end of line product that is taken away. Will that customer be pleased with their purchase , has the vehicle reached the promised expectation , was the delivery time reasonable and all in all was the price right! We treat each car that is leaving us as if it was our own , so much so that often we dont want them to leave!

We have chosen to be extremely focused in every area of vehicle sales for the client seeking a US model, with the Mustang, for example, we will only be supplying cars inside 12 months old , nothing older 100% guaranteed, model wise we are only supplying the top spec. GT Premium model (excluding the supreme GT500 of course) , again our belief being that if you have chosen the Mustang as your next means of transport you probably wont be looking for the base model! All such cars will be sourced with the highest possible spec. You tell us the colour you want and we do the rest, assuring you that the cars will reach a minimum requirement for the advertised price but every effort will be made to ensure as many of the available options will be included without you having to pay one penny more! If your car has all the options so be it , you still pay the advertised price.

If you are buying new there may be some slight fluctuation in the model price if you choose a high number of the available options, but again the base price we have quoted will cover the minimum spec. we offer and at least one of the options with out any extra cost to you. By focussing in this way we make it easy for us , easy for you and there is little to muddy the waters , in short we want to be as transparent as possible about what you will get and what you will pay!

Should you be looking a little more upmarket and considering one of our Roush prepared cars or even the Shelby GT500 (or own prepared Evolution model) then expect much the same in way of clarity, our Roush cars spec. is the highest possible level. We have available the full range of products and using our years of experience in the performance accessory market feel we know the balance the customer wants between style, performance & handling , buy our Stage 3 Roush car and you will have the highest possible spec. seen in the UK. Of course if you just want the grunt then to supercharge an otherwise standard car is not a problem , choose the spec you want from those on offer and that is exactly what you will get!

All of the above applies equally to our supply of the Corvette and Viper models we have focused our attention on, our Viper knowledge is up there with the best and we use only professional respected suppliers of this unique and exquisite car, enabling us to source you some of the rarest models coming to these shores. Our listings cater for all the years of production of the Viper , if you have an interest for one of the more limited variants that have been produced over the years, maybe a Mamba Edition , ACR , Hennessey or even a GTSR we can most likely find it for you , similalry with the Corvette range we only offer the C6 and Z06 in the firm belief its an awesome car at the right price and by concentrating on just this model we can get you the best deal!

Where do we get our cars from?

Well that would be telling, but, rest assured instead of scouring North America for the cheapest deal we concentrated more on finding like minded people to ourselves , people that knew their field of business, cared about their customers needs and had experienced that was difficult to rival , as such we deal with a family run business , with 70+ yrs of combined father son experience in the field of motor dealerships , car preparation & export. What they do not know about the quality & presentation of a car is not worth knowing , like us their belief is if the car does not look right , its not right and we move on to the next one. One thing we can almost be certain of , if you are as fussy as we are we know you will have a perfect car as we expect nothing else! Each car is shipped in its own individual container to avoid any possible damage and fully insured until landing here in the UK.

We will collect your car personally and transport it, SVA it , register it and prepare it for your collection all ourselves , there will be no risk to the vehicle from third party involvement other than where neccessary ie. when the SVA engineer tests the car!

What about pricing?

As mentioned above we hope our pricing policy is regarded as fair , reasonable and as clear as possible , if you are unsure please ask. In each vehicle case the price you see is the price you pay (only on a new standard car is there a small possibility of fluctuation dependant on number of options chosen). The cars spec. is highlighted so you know exactly what you are getting and the price is based on all costs being covered , as stated you just advise the colour and the rest is sorted for the advertised price. If you wish to add any bespoke parts not available through Roush or our other advertised models , let us know and we will quote individually to add these parts for you.


Our favourite bit! A cars order and preparation can be secured with a 15% deposit (this can be part exchange if applicable though a cash deposit will be required to commence an order of a non stock item), we accept all major forms of payment , though be aware that we will only accept credit card payments over £500.00 in person using chip & pin technology. Balance payment can be by any chosen method agreed at time of purchase. Large credit card settlement may incur a processing charge.

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