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About Us

JW Racing was formed in 2002 with one ideal in mind , to specialise where others generalised , starting out primarily in the Subaru market the companies original founding member done a fine job in building a reputable name within this market place. This initial vision soon found many customers appreciating the service and advice offered to their specific requirements and the specialist products on offer in this new one stop shop!

With this in mind the range began to grow to take in other models where the same enthusiasm was applied, albeit that the the time needed to be more evenly spread across a growing range and greater customer base. It was at this time that JW Racing became associated with Amber Performance and began to use this well known cross market leader to in source many of its products at greater discounts to be come more competitive and maintain a reasonable growth in the product range by dealing with someone with much greater buying power and larger market presence. This proved a decisive long term business move.

With a need for JW Racing to grow to maintain its market position and continue to move forward, in effect the two companies merged late in 2004 but maintained the original staff to manage the business into its new era, unfortunately in the latter half of 2005 during a tough time for the motor accessories industry in general a change at the top came to be and the companies original pioneer moved on to pastures new , this was of course a difficult time as any business is likely to suffer when the original life source to it is removed, but as the sole owners from this point Amber Performance were determined to continue the long term plans outlined for the business and maintain its core values.

This website is part of the ongoing long term plan, it may look similar (as was the intention) to the original but deep down this site allows us to grow and expand our range online even further but with the original principle of specialising in specific models being maintained , all the original cars and most of the early important parts are here but now with the correct backing and stock we can bring a new exciting range of goods to enhance and add to the existing range, some new items you can expect to see very soon include the ever expanding Seibon range widening into the Euro market in a big way.
In 2010 JW Racing purchased a Ford Focus RS MK2 to take on board as a company demo vehicle. After just a few days the modifications began and we found ourselves heavily involved in the Focus RS MK2 market. After many months of success we decided to build a dedicated section on our website as well as all the promotional work we were doing involving magazine features and rolling road shoot out days. Before we knew it we have become one of the leading retailers for Focus RS MK2 parts and we are growing further every day.
In the spring of 2011 we have decided to build on the success we gained from in the Focus RS market and have now started building a section dedicated to the Focus ST which is ever increasing and hopefully we will soon be able to offer many products and services for the Focus ST owners out there too.  
To further enhance our desire to increase our reputation and standing in the market we are even moving into car sales, in line with our history and backers this could only be predominantly in the import market. Over time we aim to build a small holding of stock of vehicles from Japan and the US in particular with some UK cars as & when available - please check out our Cars For Sale section to see our current stock and what is available to order.

We look forward to working with each and every one of you , our customers over the coming years and hope to see some of you at the various shows we intend to visit.

Many thanks for your ongoing support.......................................

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